The GFund
The LIFESIGN GFund was created to serve as a backup resource directed toward helping specific homeless people and the general homeless population. Money donations received that are not given to a specific homeless individual are held in the GFund and may be used toward a homeless person's Recovery Plan chosen by LIFESIGN. The GFund also helps support the LIFESIGN operation, such as, administrative costs, payroll, homeless recovery services and goods, emergencies, the "unexpected," and more. The GFund may also contain donated tangible goods of any kind to be used toward a homeless person's effort to recover off the streets. As LIFESIGN reaches out to the homeless population on a daily basis, the GFund is a vital resource for providing water or food that is passed out by the LIFESIGN team as they come into contact with the homeless population.

The GFund also works as a "holding tank" where "lost connections" go if LIFESIGN looses communication with a homeless person for six consecutive weeks. Loosing contact is serious, and LIFESIGN is always concerned of loosing the homeless person due to suicide, severe injury, illness, or lost hope. If the homeless person is still holding up their LIFESIGN, money donations toward their LIFESIGN ID will be received, and a member of the LIFESIGN team will find the individual on the streets to maintain communication and recovery. Still, the unfortunate may occur where all communication is lost for six consecutive weeks. After these six consecutive weeks of no communication, any unused donations given specifically to the homeless person's LIFESIGN ID is moved to the GFund for re-allocation toward the general homeless population or a specific homeless person. This is clearly discussed and agreed upon by the homeless person during their enrollment process. The GFund is an essential part of LIFESIGN's operation.

LIFESIGN encourages the public to first give toward a specific homeless person they saw on the street. But LIFESIGN also opens the door for the public to give directly to the GFund, which has equal importance and impact on homeless recovery efforts. Please help LIFESIGN with it's efforts in helping homeless people recover off the streets with a better life.

It really hurts to know we may have lost a LIFESIGN due to suicide or murder. But the GFund gives us the reassurance the money donated was not lost, but will be put to action for another homeless person suffering on the streets that needs hope.

Erik R. Peterson, Founder