It's easy, safe, fast, and convenient.
Keep your eyes open and look around for a homeless person holding up a LIFESIGN on the streets as you drive in your car, walk, or ride by. Once you find a LIFESIGN, remember their ID Number located at the center of their LIFESIGN and the website, which you can look up on your smartphone or computer.
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Go to on your smartphone or computer, and type in their LIFESIGN ID number in the search field to find the homeless person in our database. You'll meet the homeless person you just saw on the street. Visit their profile, read their life story, and uncover their homeless mask to find a real person that needs hope for a better life.
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While your viewing the homeless person on your computer or smartphone, give a financial gift of any size directly to the homeless person along with a message of hope. LIFESIGN will hand deliver your message to the homeless person and use 100% of your financial donation directly toward the homeless person's recovery plan.
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"Keep your eyes open for a lifesign."