We're a sign of life.
LIFESIGN is all about personal one-on-one, face-to-face relationships with homeless people, opening new doors for the homeless person to achieve a new beginning and recover off the streets with a brighter and sustainable future.
LIFESIGN is a non-profit organization of "ordinary, everyday people" helping homeless people get off the streets by giving them a "new face" on the street the public can visit and view on the internet in real time. Our mission at LIFESIGN is to open a door for the public to meet a homeless person on the internet and provide the public a safe, easy, and more convenient way to give hope to the homeless person. The LIFESIGN team is dedicated to making one-to-one connections with every homeless person we come into contact, building each a custom Recovery Plan that starts with the public using the internet to view their profile, read their story, and donate the relief each needs for beginning a new life off the streets.

Unlike historical methods of traditional food distribution, temporary overnight lodging, and holiday events, which are still essential for survival and a blessing, LIFESIGN attacks the homeless epidemic 365 days a year with a creative three-part solution: (1) expose the homeless person on the internet, (2) stimulate a public response toward the homeless person, and (3) deliver sustainable recovery to the homeless person to begin a new life off the streets.

The LIFESIGN team creates, distributes, and manages the LIFESIGN's and manages the three part solution directing the recovery efforts for each homeless individual as the public donations are received. LIFESIGN does not provide overnight lodging, direct food service, holiday food drive events, nor direct medical/physician services.

We are changing homeless lives, giving each man and woman an essential tool to directly communicate to the public for help. For the first time the passerby now has a safer, easier, more convenient method of giving hope to a homeless individual using the internet. At the same time, LIFESIGN is building amazing one-to-one relationships with the homeless population, serving and working hard to remove the personal pain, loss and suffering with the hope of recovery for a new life off the streets.

Contrary to public opinion, it's not all about money, but rather its focusing on a one-on-one relationship with a homeless person with the goal of giving the person the essential tools to recover from their losses and conditions with a new life off the streets. LIFESIGN brings the hope to the homeless person.

Erik R. Peterson, Founder